About Us

Shape Homes is a residential builder focussed on delivering turnkey solutions to:

  1. Owner Occupiers

  2. Investors

  3. Developers

Offering 1:: Detached Homes

We build contemporary detached homes with modern facades and colour palettes that are matched to premium lots in estates all over Melbourne that are within close proximity to existing lifestyle amenity, maximising leasing potential.

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Offering 2: Medium Density Planning, Design and Build

Shape Homes can provide built form solutions to developers on their land for medium density products, where we:

  • Complete a structure plan and yield analysis
  • Complete floorplans and streetscapes
  • Provide full construction costs

This solution provides the developer the ability to complete a feasibility on their proposed project, at no cost. 

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Offering 3:: Medium Density Construction Services

Shape Homes can provide pricing to developers to
build from their Architects plans in already
approved developments. With our knowledge we
can also provide genuine Value Management to
the built form ensuring the designs are tweaked to
ensure build ability and cost effectiveness, and
important things such as assistance in construction
programming and specifications.
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