Building with Shape Homes

Shape Homes is a residential builder focused on delivering turnkey solutions to:

  1. Pre Construction

  2. Construction

  3. Settlement

  4. Warranty

1.: Pre-Construction Phase

Land Titles

The land developer registers the Plan of Subdivision with the titles office


Land Settlement

You will be required to settle on your land within 14 days of title registration



In order for Shape Homes to obtain the required building permits, you will be required to provide
a copy of:


    • Your formal finance approval from the bank
    • Settlement letter 
    • A copy of the community infrastructure levy receipt from council



Shape Homes obtains all building permits and approvals required for construction


Construction Drawings

A copy of your final construction drawings which will be used for construction of your new home will be provided to you to review and sign. These drawings will include any variations which you requested when you initially purchased

2: Construction Phase

A Construction Commencement Date is provided to you. This is the approximate date activity will commence on your site.


Base stage of construction is complete at your new home.


Once the base stage is complete, you will be sent your base progress claim invoice.


Frame stage of construction is complete at your new home. 


Once the frame stage is complete, you will be sent your frame progress claim invoice.


Lockup stage of construction is complete at your new home.


Once the lockup stage is complete, you will be sent your lockup progress claim invoice.


Fix stage of construction is complete at your new home.


Once the fix stage is complete, you will be sent your fix progress claim invoice.


Shape Homes engages an independent quality assurance inspector to conduct an inspection on your new home once your home reaches practical completion.


Final Building inspection is conducted by the Building Surveyor and your Occupancy Permit is issued. 


Once construction on your new home has reached completion, you will be sent your final claim invoice along with the Notice of Completion and Occupancy Permit.


The Notice of Completion will detail the date and time of your Practical Completion Inspection.

3: Settlement Phase

You are invited to attend your Practical Completion Inspection with the Shape Homes project manager who has built your new home.


Your new home will be presented to you and any items which need attention (as agreed by yourself and the project manager) will be noted.


Any items noted at your Practical Completion Inspection will be rectified and you will be invited back to your new home to sign the required documentation. 


Once your final payment and any variation payments have been received by Shape Homes, settlement and handover of your keys will take place.

4: Warranty Phase

3 months after settlement, a representative of Shape Homes will be in contact with you to arrange your 3 month warranty inspection.


Your warranty inspection takes place and any agree items noted will be rectified. 


Shape Homes structural warranty period will then commence.


Plan of Subdivision – The plan of subdivision shows the dimensions of your lot and area and how it relates to the surrounding lots

Land Title – An official record of who owns a particular parcel of land 

Land Settlement – When you become the owner of the parcel of land detailed in the land contract. The land title will also be updated and reflect your name 

Building Permit – A building permit is a written approval by a building surveyor. It allows the building work to be undertaken according to the approved plans, specifications and other relevant documentation

Formal Finance Approval – A letter from your bank detailing the amount in which the bank will be lending you for the construction of your new home. The letter must outline that your loan is unconditional meaning there is nothing further for you to do and the funds are available for draw down

Settlement Letter – A letter from your solicitor or conveyancer outlining the date in which you settled on your land

Community Infrastructure Levy – A fee that is payable to the council by the land owner as part of the Land Developer’s Estate infrastructure. This is a requirement of the council and must be paid and the receipt provided to Shape Homes before a building permit can be issued

Construction Drawings – The final set of drawings which will include any variations. These drawings will be used to construct your new home 

Base Stage – Incudes site excavations, drains laid, slab pour and inspected by the Building Surveyor

Frame Stage – The stage where the home’s frame is complete and approved by the Building Surveyor

Lock-up Stage – The stage where the home’s external wall cladding and roof covering is fixed and external doors and windows are fixed (even if the doors are only temporary) 

Fix Stage – the stage when all internal cladding, architraves, skirting’s, doors, cabinets and cupboards of a home are fitted and fixed in position

Completion – The building works are completed in accordance with the contract documentation and construction drawings. At this stage, the built-in shelves, baths, basin, troughs, sinks are also installed

Independent Quality Assurance Inspector – An independent inspector is engaged by Shape Homes to complete an inspection on your property

Occupancy Permit – A document which is issued by the Building Surveyor once the final building inspection has occurred and all relevant compliance certificates from trades and suppliers are provided. This permit means that your new home can be occupied

Notice of Completion – means that Shape Homes notifies you that your new home as reached completion

Practical Completion Inspection – When a Shape Homes representative meets you at your new home and an inspection of the home is carried out. A list of defects (if any) which has been agreed upon by you and the Shape Homes representative is created

Settlement & Handover – When all funds have been received by Shape Homes and all defects from the Practical Completion Inspection are completed, you will be invited back to the home for settlement to take place and for Shape Homes to provide you with the keys to your new home